Enchantment and serenity, inspired by the profound harmony of life and nature. 

Coconut Palms
Tropical Gardens

The Central Swimming Pool

Soak up the sun, read a book, or swim to your heart's desire.
It's just you and days of bliss by the pool.

The swimming pool of Serene Pavilions is a focal point for the hotel, but a discreet and stunning one. Set between the Clubhouse and the gardens within the pristine and lush gardens, it goes miles beyond most people’s connotations of what a swimming pool is. The submerged Jacuzzi beds are the last word in watery relaxation. The pool is long enough for a serious swim, whilst loungers plumped by thick cushions and sun aplenty are ideal for sunbathers. For those wishing to admire the view without the heat of the sun, a quaint Balinese Bale offers a shady and comfortable hideout.

The Serenity Spa

Rest, to reach true relaxation; renew, to revive and uplift.
Experience serenity, restore harmony.

We know that for spa lovers a vacation just isn't complete without some regimented relaxation.The Serenity Spa is the perfect place to unwind after a long flight, or even after a day spent lounging in the sunshine. Allow yourself to be pampered by the expert hands of our therapists and let the experience be completely tailored to you: music and scents are adjusted according to your preference. Truly blissful!

If you feel too relaxed, why not hit the Asana Gym? With its multitude of modern Cybex equipment, including treadmill and multi-trainer, you can feel the burn after the perfect workout, before cooling down with a cold towel and chilled water.

The Reading Room

Reading is dreaming with open eyes.
Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

The Reading Room is something of a contradiction: for a hotel that values guest privacy so highly why have a room dedicated to the most solitary of pastimes? Well the location is pretty special, looking out over the pool for starters. There is also the question of a place to store the extensive library of books we have built up: be it in the Reading Room the garden or by the pool there are few more rewarding places than Serene Pavilions in which to get stuck into a good novel. We have a selection of games, comfy seating and the ubiquitous Serene tranquility to tempt you in as well. Or perhaps you simply need a break from gazing at the Indian Ocean, palm trees and dreamy sunsets. Perhaps.


The Tennis Court

Tennis is the perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility.
Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.

Tucked away in a quiet corner by the swimming pool our all weather tennis court is the perfect way to build up a sweat for a swim or an appetite for a grand dinner.